• 67,000 Pharmacies in US 3
  • ­Almost half (33,000) are located within drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, department stores, medical clinics, surgery clinics, universities, nursing homes, prisons, and other facilities.
  • Currently, more than 10,000 pharmacies nationwide are registered as CLIA-waived laboratories.4
  • Shifting the many tests and treatments for minor acute illness to the community pharmacy would relieve the burden on primary care providers.
  • “The results could be groundbreaking: increased patient and provider satisfaction. Patients get fast, affordable, on-demand diagnostics that traditional care models don’t offer. Physicians enjoy reduced burden, while pharmacists enjoy an expanded role.5
  • Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid account for nearly 23,000 Pharmacies
  • CVS-Aetna merger: “Part of CVS’ advantage is the frequency at which patients use its services…Today, CVS engages 1 in every 3 Americans.”6
  • CVS’ 1,100 MinuteClinic® concept is underutilized… but CVS will be “increasing their use and expanding their scope of practice by adding new services for the treatment of chronic disease.”7
  • CVS’ MinuteClinic® will become community healthcare hubs where pharmacists would manage patients’ care and counsel them between primary care visits. 8
  • These walk-in clinics will serve as development labs for a much higher degree of automation in primary care than is currently available.9
  • CVS’ HealthHUBs are part of the company’s vision for stores to become an expanded health clinic, with a lab for blood testing and health screenings.
  • Rite Aid merger with Albertsons now has a total of more than 4,300 pharmacies.10
  • Southeastern Grocers Partner with eTrueNorth to Launch CLIA-waived Laboratory Testing in 253 Local Pharmacies.11
  • The future looks bright for widespread adoption of infectious disease (remote testing) in pharmacies and other alternative testing sites in the future.12

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