Our Mission

We are dedicated to change, making a technological advance in the marketplace to achieve better outcomes for patients. Infectious diseases have been a chronic problem for at-risk patients and quick diagnosis is critical to saving patients’ lives. We will make that happen.

Anyone can get an infection at any time, and unfortunately, any type of infection can pose a greater risk for complications. Advances in diagnostic technology facilitate the detection of even difficult to culture microbial pathogens.

Infectious agents have emerged as notable determinants of chronic diseases. An infection may be first step along a continuum from health to long-term illness and disability. Early and rapid detection of an infection offers a chance to disrupt the continuum, avoiding or minimizing a chronic outcome.1

Mission Statement

To launch an innovative molecular diagnostic platform that transforms the standard of care for critical infections by providing low cost, portable, and rapid diagnostics for patients.

1. O’Connor, SM, Taylor, CE, and Hughes, JM. Emerging Infectious Determinants of Chronic Diseases. Emerg. Infect. Dis. (2006) 12(7): 1051–1057. doi: 10.3201/eid1207.060037